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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  August 29, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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gesture of black pride touched off a national debate. tonight former olympian tommie jones tells us what he thinks of colin kaepernick's refusal to stand for the national anthem. whoosh we are live at the peninsula estate where presidential candidate donald trump is hosting a 25=thousand dollar a head dinner. whoosh nat they come from all over the world for a chance to live rough in the nevada desert. the great burning man exodus has begun. whoosh nat and you won't see this anywhere else. quadcopter four gives you a drone's eye view of a new effort to protect the bay area from the next earthquake. you're watching kron four news in prime time. >> pam:a cloud of controversy hanging over the san francisco
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49ers tonight. thanks for joining us, i'm pam moore. >> steve:and i'm steve aveson. tonight everyone is talking about quarterback colin kaepernick. >> pam:the 28-year-old has sparked a firestorm of refusing to stand during the national anthem. >> steve:kaepernick saying he's protesting what he calls the mistreatment of minorities. the gesture was caught on camera.before friday's preseason game against the packers. while his protest has generated an array of opinions across the nation, the move has not affected his playing status. >> steve:head coach chip kelly has said kaepernick is free to express his feelings. however, some former 49ers aren't holding back in making their feelings known.
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.or the action harbaugh has since softened his stance. hours after his statement, he tweeted-- 'i apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. to clarify, i support colin's motivation. it's his method of action that i take exception to.' there are plenty of opinions on this hot button issue tonight. tommie smith won the 200 meter dash in the 1968 olympics then held up the black power salute as the anthem played. kron 4's j.r. stone spoke with tommie smith today and has more on what the olympian had to say about kaepernick. >> j.r.:steve, tommie smith is coming to the defense of the niners quarterback colin
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kaepernick. smith went to san jose state but now lives in georgia. i spoke with him on skype this afternoon. this is what the gold medal ceremony looked like back in 1968. you can see smith holding up that black power salute and putting his head down in prayer as the national anthem was played. he wore black gloves, black socks, and no shoes during that ceremony. smith was booed and then kicked off the team. colin kaepernick has sat for the national anthem game during every preseason game this season. here is what the 72 year old smith had to say about kaep's actions. smith told me he was in college at san jose state when he gave the black power salute at the olympics. tonight at 10 he talks more about what happened to him when he came back to school. pam, steve, now back to you. the kaepernick story has moved to mainstream national media. presidential candidate donald
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trump is now weighing in. grant lodes has that part of the story. and kaepernick's recent tone on social media. >> grant:we'll start with trump. he was on the dori monson radio show today.and was asked about the controversy.
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meanwhile.since july.kaepernick has tweeted about race issues.close to 100 times. an example -- there are many posts about police mis-behavior across the country.including the racist texting scandal in the san francisco police department. this one - a retweet on the fact 19 officers were caught sending the tweets.and most of them
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kept their jobs. some directly reference black lives matter rallies.including one where protestors were asked to leave a hillary clinton dinner in february. some re-tweet talks about white supremacy. others talk about "white privilege." one of the times kapernik speaks directly - writing the message himself - he's talking about the shooting of a black man in minnesota earlier this summer. philando castle was in his car.along with his girlfriend. she actually streamed the aftermath of his shooting on facebook. saying they'd been pulled over for a broken tail light and that her boyfriend had told police he was armed and had a license to carry.but was shot after reaching for his i-d. kaepernik tweeted."we are under attack. it's as clear as day." on the campaign trail - republican presidential nominee donald trump is on a mission in the bay area. to collect money for his campaign. today a gathering in an affluent peninsula neighborhood is hosted by a ceo known to give to the republican national committee. >> gary: business today about three hours' worth a kid comes and within three minutes of each other once the melt sofa media set to ms. slater is nothing but a less where it defies right down the middle. and it comes at a time when prior to even a
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sitting on the bench and very much a question with san francisco forty-niners. did not play well early last year than was injured but spent an off season with three different operations and his future of the franchise as a gigantic?. mcanally ask yourself what is the next steps. " what people disagreeing with you and i said just as a symbol of you doing more than just sitting down given game checked using the and
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just sitting down people judge me left and right in this part of a job nor do thing you have to be able the state an opinion. the rumblings for the past couple years or not enchanted with temperature much kept to himself. will find out on thursday night her really backs them. most pro athletes are gonna go against a team really is a good one. yet talk about or
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name had come up this matter taken to a boiling point. phillip clay and and follow me then give me your opinion is lots on the situation and again makes for lively conversation only colin really knows what's behind desks and his feelings >> steve: our site you can tell us what you think and what
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teammates are saying about his controversial decisionkron 4's ella sogomonian is live in woodside where the event is believed to be taking place. >> reporter: air here and would said california small city of more than 5000 people and winding way it in here the crickets around me helicopters and air carries special
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occasion they believe to be in this state behind me fund-raiser happening and onto donate money and this is one of the fund- raisers in support of don trump. on usual in particular about this event neighborhood is not unusual for this neighborhood play host to an event raising money for campaign but that this is believed to be its $25,000 per head for the guess here. contributing to this fund-
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raiser with 40 people that were said to be here. a lot of money going toward a campaign once again neighbors are not interested in what's happening down from a lot from them. to avoid crowds of protesters and of very small neighborhood
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>> pam:legislation, prompted by a controversial rape case at stanford university, is awaiting governor brown's signature tonight. it is the outgrowth of the brock turner rape trial. the judge sentenced turner to 6-months in jail and three- years probation. because of flexible sentencing guidelines in cases of sexually assaulting an unconscious person. the new bill would close that loophole. and also ensure, that anyone convicted of rape or sexual assault cannot be sentenced to probation. the turner case set off protests, and efforts to remove presiding judge aaron persky. today the stage is set for action that could result in more police on patrol in the city of san jose. >> grant: exclusively learns as of tonight have or police chief plan has been placed on administrative leave pending a personal investigation city
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manager not elaborating on nature of the investigation stretta krieger in the bay area 1986 with the san jose police department. the chief on leave they're looking to speak with the chief and we will learn more as soon as we know it. we the >> pam: a better view of a project usgs is working on could help minimize the effects of earthquakes.
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>> steve:kron four's spencer blake has been digging up details from ground level. he joins us now with the details. spencer. >> reporter:you're gonna get a high-flying view from our drone
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tonightbut all the scientific action is really happening *underground. geologists realized the damage from that napa quake in 2014.was much worse than their models would have predicted. so now they're figuring out how bad things might getthe *next time an earthquake hits. in the dry grass behind napa's westwood hills park, scientists from the u-s-g-s unloaded this machine to bore into the earth. meanwhile, our quadcopter four pilot, mark, unloaded his drone. this is just one site in a project that spans about 120 square miles across the napa valley. "we are not trying to predict when earthquakes will occur; we're trying to understand what the effects are likely to be, and how we can minimize those effects." but before the complicated physics and computer science come into play, there's the grunt work.
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"you get bounced around pretty good." this crew has to drill 42 holes, each 20 to 30 feet deep. but each of these giant bits is only five feet long, so they have to stack them, one at a time. carolyn stieben â usgs "once it pulls out enough material, then we're ready for another stem." once the hole is done, they stick a pipe in it to keep it from collapsing while they move on to the next site to do it all over again. soon these holes will have tiny charges in them that geologists will set off in september to recreate nature. "we will generate our own micro- micro-earthquakes, if you will."
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"now while all the drilling and digging happens in the heat of the day, the actual seismic test won't happen until the middle of the night." "if we do that during the day, there's a lot of cultural activity, a lot of noise from all kinds of activity, and that will overwhelm these tiny, tiny little shots that we have." once they get nine hundred sensors set up on or near the surface of the valley, u-s-g-s will be doing tests and taking measurements for a week. the red and yellow stars show where those seismic sensors will be laid out in a cross shape through the valley. it should give them plenty of information about which areas might feel the next quake the hardest. if you're worried about tiny explosions underground in napa, don't worry - you won't feel it. even if you were standing right on top of one of those drill sites, the small explosions underground would barely feel like a tickle on your feet. a scary scene at l-a-x after reports of an active shooter at the airport. >> britteny: the north bay could it happen around midnight the reason why a lot of moisture right up until the north they on the satellite's radar exactly
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where the clothes are having even a little moisture developing here mendicancy it once and lends close to look at where you're saying the clouds pushing into the sacramento mainly situated in the north bay. a look ahead and to the rest of tonight we see clear conditions for east bay inland locations coastal fog warning clouds with lots of sunshine took the afternoon by the weekend we see temperatures close to average. 65 and now us to see if vallejos 66 in oakland 66 currently in san jose quite an even spread most locations in the '60s and 2 tomorrow mild conditions to reach all the way into parts of the east bay heading into tuesday by wednesday you notice mild air moves even further. >> britteny: have slid below
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average temperature is 85- livermore 72 in oakland 88 and concord coming up to take a closer look at a 70 forecast.
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remember >> vicki: for his performances. >> steve: a very scary scene alice angeles international airport after an active sure there.
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at nine p=m, the airport's south runways had to be shut down because people were on the tarmac. >> catherine:dozens of flights had to be diverted to other airports. "the terminals were evacuated. the central terminal area roadways were shut down, as part of our active shooter protocols. once areas were empty, the terminals were evacuated, our officers, with the support of our bomb/explosive detective canine teams, did a methodical search of all our terminal areas. there was no indication that there was or had been an active shooter.
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>> reporter:at 10 45 police gave the all clear. the roadways reopened. passengers were allowed back in. to face long lines at security checkpoints. police say the scare may have been prompted by this scene. five minutes before the false shooting report. nat a man costumed as zorro is confronted by police outside terminal seven. >> catherine:they determined that his sword was plastic and he posed no threat. the next thing i know, they let me go, they didn't arrest me they explained crazy things happened at the airport. nearly four- years after the shooting rampage at sandy hook elementary, the newly refurbished school is once again
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open for classes. students attended class today at the new 87-thousand- square foot building in newtown, connecticut. children have been attending a nearby school. ever since a lone gunman opened fire at sandy hook in 20-12.
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since june. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in oakland with details on the mayor's plan. charles? the mayor announced today that
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there will be no less than 10 opportunities, including several public citywide forums, for people to offer up their input on the hiring of a new police chief. now, at a press conference this afternoon, the mayor says they have been working the past few months to set up all of these public meetings as well as online surveys that people can fill out to give their input if they can't attend the public events. the mayors office also says that a recruiter has been hired to start searching for a new police chief. it's a national search, although they didn't rul out the possibility that someone internally from o- p-d could get the job. the mayor really seemded to want to move beyond the drama that made this search for a new police chief necessary. today she said this is really an opportunity for a new chief to come in and do some good oakland represents a great opportunity for a reform minded police leader to really make their mark and demonstrate the potential of 21st century policing. ok, the plan is to hold those community forums this fall, start accept applications for the job in october, interview potential candidates in november and hopefully have a new police chief in place by early next year. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> grant: nichols was visiting a bruce convicted for murdering eight
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people. and then noticed a bunch of empty ziploc bags in the trash. nichols consented to a search and then admitted hiding all the items in her clothing. 18 phone chargers and more than 80 g of heroin into unidentifiable bluegills a 47 arraigned entering county next month and two "sub-adult" southern sea >> steve: otters were found dead by crew members between august 12 and august 19th in between the santa cruz harbor and seacliff state beach in aptos. police believe the otters were likely shot in late july or early august. necropsy results showed the
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otters died days or even weeks after they were shot. apple announces it's new product event. what the tech company is expected to release in the coming weeks. >> vicki: what the cover at all harley locals go to them they know all about money. and at city hall gathering burner expressed in nevada desert and
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then first-timers' from africa australia playful like butterfly wings. so it for those not going this observers say the streets of san francisco feel less crowded. an estimated 70,000 people expected at burning man this year. >> britteny: the see the sec covered in fog of the golden gate bridge and another angle to show you the we're seeing a little bit of patchy fog rolling through and then you can see the sun set in the background. then the lights coming on the satellite research washoe's clouds moving and mostly in the north bay. and then in the
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assignee in mid '80s and then as we go on the wednesday premature as we saw today in the south bay's on now 06 a.m. six series by news 74 then you notice temperatures and high '70's which is quite manageable for that area. it started in high fifties to the cheers and the mid-60s for the afternoon and not sematech as 60 degrees by
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6:00 a.m. that in the north bay at 68 by 6:00 a.m. by noon. 76 degrees and mistake the low 80s. look stanley after you came out they actually cleaned up! i return to the three areas i toured with oakland council member larry reed to see the clean up or lack thereof i'll explain in the next edition of people behaving badly
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viewers have been emailing kron 4 and our stanley roberts, looking at how they can help with the cleanup of the illegal dumping in east oakland. it appears some progress has been make in some areas but improvement is still needed in other areas. lets take a look. look stanley after you came out they actually cleaned up! this was video sent to me by a viewer shortly after i toured it with oakland"s 7th district councilmember larry reid thank you stanley >> stanley: this is 89th and g streets in east oakland the area was cleaned up. if you don't remember i was out with council member reid where he had this to say i will tell them to continue to be patient that hope is not lost that we are in fact going to make this a cleaner and safer neighborhood for them to live in i returned to see for myself and a city working was there removing tagging off some of the buildings . but i can confirm with my own
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eyes that this area was in fact cleaned up. that being said there is evidence that people are still continuing to dump here and a new resident has moved in he has a cart full of bicycle parts nats: ambiance but i also wanted to check on the other areas that larry reid visited . remember hale and douglas trash piled almost 6 feet high well here is what it look like now barely a trace of the garbage that was there. however, a few blocks you have all of this stuff
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a few blocks away on cary ave. this street appears to be a bit resistant to the clean up because when i returned there was not only the old trash but someone had a car barbeque and a pitbull that's in need of some serious medical attention was running around yea man it's messed up everyday car stolen trash like this everywhere around the city we got kids around here playing and stuff this sint nice remember the maggie? we feel that we're not important well she still feels let down nothing has changed um i've called they say my work order was from august 8th and they say it usually takes them that long so i just make it a point to call them every two to three days apparently larry reid has also put in multiple calls for a cleanup in this area, that being said on one side of the fence is union pacific railroad property and the other side is the city of oakland property .they will need to come together to fix this issue nats: ambiance there are many other area just like this not only in oakland but accoring to emails antioch, pittsburg, and ither east bay cities all i can say is keep hitting up public works and if your individual city has it utilize the see click fix app in east oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news meanwhile if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. the nation is experiencing a hiring boom. >> steve:up next, we'll explain which jobs employers are having a tough time filling.
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the u-s jobs report is set to come out this week. and from all indications - august will be another strong month for jobs.
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kron 4's vicki liviakis is here with a closer look at what's happening here in the bay area. >> vicki:if you've been out pounding the pavement looking for work, likely you found that job over the summer. the good news is that hiring in the bay area is at an all time high. and it's not just high tech. nearly 27 thousand jobs filled last month. the biggest increases in the east bay and santa clara county. analysts say it's a sign of an
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economic boom. ba jobs is a site that connects job-seekers with bay area businesses that have jobs to fill. and founder andrew gardiner says "who's not hiring." apple computer may have a new crop of smart-phones coming. the cupertino tech-giant is expected to show off a new iphone next week at its fall product launch event in san francisco. apple isn't providing any details_as usual _ but it traditionally announces one or two new iphone models. apple may also introduce new models or features for other products like the apple watch or macbook computer.
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>> gary: 49 years in santa
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clara one more exhibition game caprine expected to play according to coach chuck kelly exhibition game starter but he plays at all will only take a few snaps. today his teammates took a support line. never
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ceases to amaze me the number of how people will do family and salts and people get lonely when you doing that stuff all we're dealing with his opinions like people's family out of it and put you personally feel about someone albeit a lot of a better
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dialogue. astros win six nothing bad pitchers on the fourth shot out.
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remember >> gary: super bowl winning team going into this season like best on this area
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than trying to make the tackle. crystal had to go to another
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round before that pitched in the game and got knocked out in the first inning. is over notre all the nickel and they'd call the place i felt so bad bornholm tears my eyes and played. >> pam: a courthouse, and a list visitor this morning taylor swift was interviewed.
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to get 10 every night right here on the bay area news station. taylor said it had jury duty cannot be and to places taking self pictures goat and then slashed awaiting a case similar to the one that they were as we go into wednesday to abjures drop.
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stay in touch kron4news-dot-com have a nice night.
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